October 2012

Slow cooker peanut butter and chocolate brownie pudding recipe

Here is a recipe from a gluten-free cookbook I just got from my mother-in-law. The book is called: Unbelievably Gluten-Free! by Anne Byrn. This is her second gluten-free cookbook out. This pudding came out ooey-gooey and when served warm with vanilla ice cream it was wonderful. I just found out if you layer a square […]

Test kit is mailed to your home No Needles or blood draws (cheek swabs) Confidentiality from your insurance company Test results emailed promptly with either a positive or negative answer Video download explains what you need to know and do if your results are positive Family discounts are available on 2 or more test kits […]

My husband, me and my kids all got the flu shots. We’ve gotten our flu shots every year since our daughter ended up getting the flu at around 2 years of age. It was very scary to see her that young and be so sick and we ended up all getting it as well. It […]

I just came across a wonderful website that has creative ideas for snacks etc. Especially when you have to come up with a snack for school functions or just to make something extra special for your little ones at home. Of course any treat that you want to make from this website just simply substitute […]


Wellence™ Gluten Free is a plant-based food ingredient that mimics the water-absorbing and structural ability of gluten — allowing food manufacturers to create best-in-class gluten-free foods that satisfy the dietary needs of consumers without compromising on taste, look, or feel. http://www.dow.com/products/market/nutrition/product-line/wellence/#product/wellence-gluten-free/?&_suid=135065601055906906438995776341 They state the following: Advantages: Mimics gluten’s ability to build a structural network inside […]

I’m used to packing something for my daughter when we go to our school functions since her diagnosis because the bake sales or any of the fundraisers at the schools never had anything safe for her to eat. I contacted the PTA and asked if they can start including allergy friendly snacks to their bake sales […]

Subject: Sweet potatoes on the menu? Did you know that malnutrition causes one out of every three child deaths – more than 3.5 million deaths – every year? I just signed a petition asking world leaders to put nutrition on the agenda. It took 30 seconds. Will you add your name, too? http://act.one.org/sign/sweet_potato?referring_akid=.6101349.rus-Lq&source=mailto Thanks for […]

Please be aware of these items that you might think are safe to eat are indeed not safe at all. Here are the list of secret places where gluten hides… twizzlers rice crispy treats and cereals (have malt flavoring)and rice cakes(read ingredients) chicken, vegetable, beef broths/stocks soy sauce has wheat barbeque sauce has wheat some […]

All natural candy at Adam's Fairacre Farms

I went to Adams Fair Acre Farms in Poughkeepsie today and found some great candy that’s all natural without food coloring and fake flavorings… they are gluten free as well! gum gummy worms gummy bears