January 2013

Unfortunately during this time of year my kids get fevers, runny noses, and my son has the 24hr stomach virus. I’m going to start stocking up on gingerale, Lysol, tissues, Sobe lifewater( I don’t like Gatorade) and pain/fever medicine. I needed to check if Tylenol contained gluten and this is what I found out. Go […]

Just read this news article on how Seattle is on the top when it comes to gluten-free foods. Hooray for Seattle!   Most people taking a cruise that sails out of Seattle have to spend the night in the area to ensure smooth boarding on their departure date. Such was the case when we took […]

When my daughter and I went to the Celiac Awareness Walk there was a personal chef there.  She’s a chef that comes to you and can show you anywhere from the basics and up about cooking everything. If you want to learn more about cooking gluten free for yourself and your family then this is […]

I just went to McDonalds and bought sundaes for all of us and looked up on their website if their sundaes were gluten – free and it turns out that they are.:) Here is the allergen list that I got from their website:   http://mcdonalds.co.nz/sites/mcdonalds.co.nz/files/images/Food-Sensitivity-21-Nov-2012.pdf

Healthy Gluten Free Cooking Tips Introduce whole grains such as lentils, wild rice and quinoa Add onions, garlic, carrots and celery to whole grain dishes and cook with broth, instead of boiling in water to add flavor Eat lean cuts of meat that are skinless, white fish and salmon, tofu and beans Add beans into your kid’s meals; beans are high […]

I just read about a woman who’s son was cured from Celiac Disease by Biomagnetism therapy. I am very curious about this and wonder if here in the states if they practice this. Has anyone heard of this before? I’m planning on talking with my daughter’s pediatrician about it. Here is her story which was […]

I came across this article about gluten free in the news and thought you might want to check it out: It read as follows: As the year is rapidly approaching its end, I wanted to reflect on the great strides that were made in the gluten-free community and put together an article on what I […]

I found Perdue gluten-free chicken tenders at my local A&P supermarket and was very excited. I sometimes make my own for my daughter but I don’t always have the time so when I came across these in the meat section of my supermarket I was thrilled. They taste great and I like that they look […]

After the holiday glut of heavy feasts and high-calorie beverages full of gluten, it is no surprise that many consumers kick-off the New Year with a resolution to eat healthier. And for those considering a gluten-free diet but fearful it won’t taste good, there’s good news. New Planet Beer Company, the innovative pioneer of great-tasting […]