August 2013

I was featured in the Hannaford Magazine

One of the best supermarkets in my area is the Hannaford Supermarket. Check out the Sept/Oct. issue of their store’s magazine. Two of my GF recipes(Banana bread and chocolate chip cookies) are featured and a little of my story as well. Go to the Hannaford website below and you’ll find lots of great recipes:

I’ve had a Tastefully Simple party at my home before and have attended some of them as well (before my daughter’s celiac diagnosis).  I’m so happy to hear that they have finally added some gluten free products to their wonderful company.  I’ve been a fan of this company because their products are reasonably priced, their […]

Grilled stuffed jalapenos

I planted jalapeños this year and not sure why since I usually have a lot of peppers that I don’t use and end up freezing. So I was looking for some jalapeno recipes and thought about making one that seemed easy enough but I didn’t have everything that it called for in the recipe so […]

Penne with ricotta

This is something I came up with today. I needed a dish that can keep on top of the stove for a while and a dish that I can make quickly before I headed to work. It has a really nice parmesan and garlic flavor but you can always adjust this recipe to your liking. […]

I can’t believe this is really possibly going to happen… Tired of going to the supermarket and wondering what I am really buying since ingredients are not clearly listed on labels. If Oranges are going to be Genetically engineered then It needs to be CLEARLY LABELED right on the oranges. I personally wouldn’t care if […]