NIMAsensor – Test for gluten in foods ( Updated 10/6/16)

NIMAsensor - Test for gluten in foods ( Updated 10/6/16)

Just found out today that there is a new test available that determines if your food has gluten present.

Nima is the device that allows you to test your food for unwanted ingredients, starting with gluten.

Check out their facebook page here:

check out their website here:

This is very exciting news and am looking forward to hearing more about this product.  They will be testing it on air on Fox & Friends/Fox News today 6:30 am today.

Update: I just received my Nima Sensor!

nimasensorCan’t wait to try it out!

Did you receive yours? and if so, have you tried it yet? Let me know 🙂

Pre-Order yours from here:



  1. In October of this year, I pre ordered a sensor, prepaid, with shipping also..but haven’t heard anything since..other than another offer to pre-order . Can you give me an update, please? thanks very much,
    Susie B. Lavenson

    1. Hi Susan,
      When I ordered mine on the website this is the response I got from them:
      Your payment to Nima from 6SensorLabs has been confirmed. We’re so excited to get this product into your hands by mid-2016.

      You will receive periodic updates on our progress and a request to confirm shipping details before we send Nima to you next year.
      Is that what you received as well from the company after you made your purchase?
      Hope this helps 🙂


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