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My daughter was diagnosed  at age of 9 with Celiac disease.  When I took her to her regular annual check-up  she was below the normal range for height and weight.  Her doctor assumed the reason might be because she’s just on the petite side like me, but just to make sure she wanted some blood work done.  It turned out that she tested positive for Celiac disease and then to make sure completely, she went for the endoscopy and that came back positive as well. I’m so grateful that her doctor caught it in time before it made anymore damage to her system.  Her doctor really saved her life and I will be forever grateful.  Under doctor’s orders, I took her to a nutritionist to learn about what she can and can’t eat.  I was also recommended to take her to a gastroentologist every year for a check up.

Ever since then I spend most of my time making sure I provide her with food that not only is safe for her but tastes good as well. It has been a long journey for both of us in a different way.  For her, she had to adjust to eating different foods and learn what ingredients to stay away from.  My journey, is learning how to keep her safe while providing food that’s gluten free that she enjoys. I will be sharing recipes, my stuggles, school issues, dealing with the public, traveling and my daughter will be sharing her thoughts as well.

She will have a special section that your child can check out and share thoughts and experiences about living with Celiac disease.

My good friend Christa gave me the idea of starting my own blog about living gluten free and thought, why not?

When my daughter was first diagnosed, I was clueless about going gluten free.  I had to educate myself and do a lot of research. What helped me a lot was reading about what other moms had to say, and then moving forward onto my own discoveries.

My blog is all about our thoughts, tastes, and personal experiences. Please leave a comment so I know that you’ve visited.:)

All recipes that I post are all made with gluten free ingredients.


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  1. This is wonderful!!! There are so many people that will benefit from this, with and without Celiac. I have already learned so much from you in the few years that we have known eachother. I am more aware of the good and the bad ingredients in our foods, how things are processed, and even the importance of how we prepare our foods, so they help and don’t hinder their benefits.. thank you to you both, for taking the time to share your knowledge and experience.. its a great thing!
    Way to go Gluten Free Alie!

  2. This is a wonderful and I’m so glad you decided to go ahead with it! For those Of you who don’t know me I am a friend of the author and I too have someone in my life with celiac disease. My boyfriend of 3 years just recently became aware of his sensitivity to gluten. Unfortunately it was a self diagnosis but nontheless we are thankful that he was able to get some relief. For years now he had been to see several different Drs non of which were able to diagnose him correctly. He was told he had IBS, Gastritis, and was lactose intolerant. He was living on a meritage of pills daily, non in which seemed to help. It wasn’t until one day, that we were at our pool that I ran into a wonderful woman who did Reiki and Ginsin Jitsu. She gave him wonderful advice in just a 5 min conversation about what foods to avoid and why. She explained the negative affects that gluten had on his body and how he can eat to properly maintain a healthy lifestyle. Within just a few short days, he was feeling like a New Man w a new outlook on food. By simply eating a gluten free diet he was able to take back control of his life again. Coming from a man that asked daily for a Stomach Transplant,,, this was truly a Miracle. I now have been cooking differently and have adopted somewhat of a gluten free diet as well. My daughter hasn’t noticed a difference and I will continue to maintain our new eating regimen. Being an Asthmatic, I am finding that this will benefit my health as well. I look Foward to more recipes and info as I will share mine as well. Best of luck with your new blog my friend ,,, and thank you for sharing with us xoxox

    1. Thanks so much Christa…. without you, I wouldn’t have thought of doing something like this. This is the outlet I needed. 🙂

    1. Hi Kristal,
      Thanks so much and hope you let me know how the recipes turn out for you. I will be adding more yummy ones! stay tuned.

  3. Bravo to you – I too am forced to learn to live the gluten-free life – I am on the Spectrum (autism)……(ps – found you on Bloggy Moms!)

    1. How are you? Has eating gluten-free helped with your diagnosis? and how? thanks for visiting and hope we keep in touch. 🙂

    1. My daughter has Celiac so she has to be completely gluten free but the rest of us eat whatever we want… although at dinner time we all have a gluten free meal. I don’t bake anything though that’s not gluten free in my home because of the cross contamination risk so desserts and anything I make at home is all gluten free. I also wouldn’t want to miss any symptoms of celiac with him so that’s why he’s not on a 100% gluten free diet… I’d rather know then not know. 🙂

  4. I loved your tweets, so I headed over to your blog. It was great to read your story (and your daughter’s as well). Sounds like she has an amazing support system from her doctor to her mother. Looking forward to following your blog in the future and looking around some more!

    1. Thank you so much for such a nice compliment… Being a parent is also being your child’s advocate. Thank you 🙂

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