504 plan meeting update

I just recently had my 504 meeting at her school. Everything went well until they said that she must not be the only one in the school with Celiac. He said “The Children that have it probably just don’t find the need to have a 504 plan since they pretty much know by now what they can eat and what they can’t eat”. It pretty much felt like they were insinuating that my daughter shouldn’t need one. Well….

I think it’s important for her to have it! Because she has a 504 plan, it means by law the school must notify all the teachers she comes in contact with so that they can provide her with a safe classroom in the event of parties, snacks and crafts etc. On her school records it indicates that she has Celiac and will follow her within the district. It also means that the school has to provide her with a safe gluten free meal.

Here is a website that gives you an idea of what a 504 plan should have:



2 thoughts on “504 plan meeting update

  1. It probably means that the parents are not aware that they should have one to protect their child. More politics at children’s expense. I am glad that you have one for her. As you stated, it will follow her through school and everyone should be aware of what is in it. Make sure and ask it they have seen it.

    1. I think that’s probably the reason as well… I started to think the same thing when I first spoke to the Cafeteria Manager regarding her disease. I asked her if she was the only one she’d be cooking gluten free for and she said yes. I always thought, she can’t be the only child that has celiac disease and now that she’s in a different school, I found out that she’s the only one again.

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