Wellence Gluten free

Wellence™ Gluten Free is a plant-based food ingredient that mimics the water-absorbing and structural ability of gluten — allowing food manufacturers to create best-in-class gluten-free foods that satisfy the dietary needs of consumers without compromising on taste, look, or feel.


They state the following:


  • Mimics gluten’s ability to build a structural network inside the product
  • Ensures cakes and breads achieve desired shape and volume and retain it when cooled
  • Enables consistent dough handling
  • Prevents collapse of food during baking
  • Controls crumb structure and volume
  • Ensures enduring moistness by binding moisture into the food product

whatch this video :


Lots of ingredients that are put into foods are made chemically but from just reading the ingredient list we don’t know which ones they are since they don’t clearly say “chemically engineered” and I can’t pronouce half the stuff that’s listed.  If we did have that clearly stated on the ingredients, We’d have the power to make that decision for ourselves whether or not we want to purchase it and eat it. So if this product/ingredient is in a food item, I think it should state clearly “Wellness-chemical” if that’s the case.

Here is the link if you want to try buy it:





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