Gluten-free pasta brands that I use

Gluten-free pasta brands that I use

I found it very hard in the beginning to find really good gluten free pastas. Here are the ones that I recommend. I like pastas made with corn or quinoa.

Rienzi (yellow box) brand for penne is good

My favorite brand for all types of pasta is Quinoa brand.

I found a wonderful lasagne pasta that I highly recommend… the brand is PastaMia…visit I purchased it from a store in Monroe, N.Y. called The best of Little Italy.

I recommend SamMills brand for elbow macaroni…it’s 100% corn pasta, and GMO free.  It cooks really well and tastes great.

 I use this Schar pasta for making chicken noodle soup… I make the soup for an after school snack with just chicken broth, water, diced carrots, salt to taste and add these noodles.  My kids love it!

 This brand is good as well.. they make a really good fettucini pasta.



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