List of GF mail order bakeries that can ship right to your door

 Wow! Didn’t realize that  there are so many bakeries out there that make gluten free baked goods. It’s really great to see that no matter where you live, you can still get a quality, safe gluten free baked cake, pies, etc. right to your door. The gluten free market has really grown in such a short amount of time and that only benefits us.


There are times when you want to present something at your dinner table when you know you are going to have guests but don’t have the time to make a gluten free cake.

  • There are times when you want to send a little gluten free goodness to someone on their special day.
  • There are times when you want to try out a new gluten free baked goodness but don’t have a bakery near you that makes them or that you trust.

Well, I have the solution, I’ve compiled a list of companies that make gluten free baked goods that advertise that they are made in a gf facility but please call ahead of time and ask just to make sure before you place your order.

Please make sure to ask about any cross-contamination issues before placing your order.

And you don’t even have to leave your house! ( I had a vanilla cake made by her and it was delicious!!!)

Paleo –

Gluten and Nut free facility-!/~/category/id=2443619&offset=0&sort=normal ( Gluten and Dairy Free bakery in Pennsylvania) **** just added on 2/2/14 **

**** Just added ******* as of 1/6/14 **** Just added on 2/9/14 *****

(Although this is not a bakery, I just wanted to add this to the list for great gift idea) – popcorn is GMO free and certified gluten-free 🙂 – My family has tried the pumpkin spice one and it was delicious. They also make great gourmet gifts for your friends and family.

I’m sure you agree that this is a really long list! If you know of any other mail order GF bakery that you’d like to add to this let me know.

*** just added**** on 4/24/14…. They make gluten-free fully prepared meals that can be delivered right to your door. (Some West coast states only)

( Just added on 6/14/2015)  …. This Bake shop is in Oregon and  is a dedicated gluten-free facility.  I just saw them featured on Unique Sweats on the Cooking Channel and they’ve also won Cupcake Wars a few times. You can order some of their goodies right to your door.

( Just added on 10/13/2016)   – This is not a bakery but wanted to add this to my list since this is a great gift idea for the holidays. The kits have pre-measured ingredients and all you have to add are butter, eggs etc.


***Just added on 12/16/2016 ****



Do you know of a good gluten-free bakery that you would like to see added to this list?






    1. Hi Julie,
      That’s great to hear. Thanks for letting us know about another great Mail order bakery to add to our list.


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