My daughter loves these “Twizzlers” fruit twists that I buy at Hannaford. They are all natural with no artificial colors.

Amazingly moist banana bread recipe

 I had some bananas on my counter that really needed to be used and decided to finally try a gluten free version of my favorite banana bread recipe that I used to make before my daughter’s diagnosis. I was hesitant to make a gluten free version because I didn’t want to end up wasting my time and […]

vegetable creamy soup without the cream recipe

I grew up with my mom making soup all the time from whatever veggies she had in the fridge and it always came out yummy. Here is my own recipe for a creamy veggie soup that is sooo delicous and easy. I’m so happy to be sharing it with you. Let me know how you […]

Does anyone have any stories or experiences about being a Mom of a child with celiac disease that youd’e like to share? I’d love to hear from you.  This blog is all about learning from one another and to have eachother as a support system. Please share!  Can’t wait to read what all of you have to […]

Gluten free in Portugal

We went to Portugal this summer to visit family and to do some traveling inside of Portugal.  Since we were staying with my mom, I knew I’d be able to bring pasta with me to cook it there.  I packed her snacks as well since I wasn’t sure if they had any that she’d like.  […]

When I first found out she had celiac, I thought about her not being able to have the option of buying lunch at school anymore.  So I did some research and found out I can get a 504 plan for her which meant I had to have a yearly meeting with special education.  From there, […]

Just saw on the news last night stating that rice contains arsonic!  As you all know that when you eat gluten free we rely on rice very much and to hear this news makes you so dissapointed.  They are stating that brown rice showed more toxins than white and that we should limit our intake […]

Gluten-free pasta brands that I use

I found it very hard in the beginning to find really good gluten free pastas. Here are the ones that I recommend. I like pastas made with corn or quinoa. Rienzi (yellow box) brand for penne is good My favorite brand for all types of pasta is Quinoa brand. I found a wonderful lasagne pasta that […]

My story

My daughter was diagnosed  at age of 9 with Celiac disease.  When I took her to her regular annual check-up  she was below the normal range for height and weight.  Her doctor assumed the reason might be because she’s just on the petite side like me, but just to make sure she wanted some blood work done.  It turned […]