New gluten-free food finds

I love finding new gluten-free foods anywhere I go and trying them out. Here I found two gluten-free mixes at a farmer’s market stand in Hudson, N.Y. Check out this new brand of gf chocolate chip cookie mix.. they also make gf brownie and sugar cookie mixes. Udi’s for a long time has always made […]

Tastefully Simple Gluten-Free Beer Bread

Before my house turned gluten-free, I used to love the beer bread from Tastefully Simple. I remember it having a nice texture and a nice sweet flavor from whatever carbonated drink you put in the mix. When I found out that Tastefully Simple came out with a GF beer bread mix.. I was curious to […]

sliced bread

We use Udi’s sandwich bread. No need to toast and can be left out of the fridge for up to a week. The only thing I don’t like is that the slices are small… but the taste is great.