Ever since my daughter was diagnosed, I’m very sensitive about this issue and feel very passionate about raising awareness Of course many people choose a “Gluten-free diet” for their own personal reasons which is perfectly fine and up to the individual. The reason for this post is to make sure that people understand the difference between “gluten-free diet” and “Celiac diet”. If you have […]

The Mid-Hudson Walk for Celiac Disease   The Second Annual Walk for Celiac Disease is Saturday, May 11th at Walkway Over the Hudson! *****update********************************************************************* (You start off walking on the Highland side.. walk to Poughkeepsie and then head back to the Highland side and the fair/vendors will be on the Highland side of the walkway) […]

Test kit is mailed to your home No Needles or blood draws (cheek swabs) Confidentiality from your insurance company Test results emailed promptly with either a positive or negative answer Video download explains what you need to know and do if your results are positive Family discounts are available on 2 or more test kits […]

“We found significantly higher prevalence of headaches in patients with celiac disease compared to those without it,” said Dimitrova, a neurology resident at the Neurological Institute at Columbia University Medical Center in New York City. The researchers also looked at two other related conditions. More than 1.5 million Americans have Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis, […]

Pics and vendor info. from Celiac fundraiser updated

My daughter and I joined our cousins at the Colin Leslie walk for celiac disease this past sunday in Rye, N.Y.. This was our first time at a celiac fundraiser and we were so happy that we went and wanted to share with you all of the exciting vendors we discovered and new information we […]

If you haven’t been diagnosed yet but think you might have it then you might want to think about getting a Celiac genetic testing done by your doctor.  If the test shows that you have  a marker for it than talking to your doctor about what the next step should be. Also make sure the doctor you are using is someone […]