Questions to ask a restaurant before dining there

There are many restaurants now that adverstise gluten free pizza or gluten free menus but you cannot assume that these places can provide you a safe gluten free meal. Unfortunately, we have to ask ourselves Are they really educated on celiac disease? or Do they really know where gluten can hide? and also Are they making sure that my food is not going be cross … Continue reading Questions to ask a restaurant before dining there

Gluten-free in Hudson Valley, N.Y.  in Kingston in New Paltz in Hyde Park in Poughkeepsie   It’s so great to find all of these places in Hudson Valley that offer gluten-free options… Don’t forget to double check about the possiblitly of cross contamination. If anyone knows of anymore to add to this list… please let me know. **Just added on 5/22/14***** Naked food Concepts- All vegetarian, all vegan, and all … Continue reading Gluten-free in Hudson Valley, N.Y.

Dining out

Tips for Safe, Gluten-Free Dining If in doubt, choose a restaurant that offers a separate gluten-free menu. It may be safer to eat a an upscale restaurant where the chefs are typically more knowledgeable about special dietary needs.Contact the chef or restaurant manager ahead of time to ensure that a gluten-free meal can be accommodated. Before placing your meal order, mention to your waiter that … Continue reading Dining out