There are many restaurants now that adverstise gluten free pizza or gluten free menus but you cannot assume that these places can provide you a safe gluten free meal. Unfortunately, we have to ask ourselves Are they really educated on celiac disease? or Do they really know where gluten can hide? and also Are they […]

Gluten-free in Hudson Valley, N.Y.

www.meredithsbread.com  in Kingston http://www.rockdapasta.com/ in New Paltz http://angelinaspizzaandpasta.com in Hyde Park http://www.souldog.biz/index.html in Poughkeepsie   It’s so great to find all of these places in Hudson Valley that offer gluten-free options… Don’t forget to double check about the possiblitly of cross contamination. If anyone knows of anymore to add to this list… please let me know. **Just added on […]

www.97lake.com   Located on 97 Lake St. West Harrison, N.Y. 10604 On the website it states that the owner has Celiac Disease. They also cater to gluten-free parties at their restaurant.  

Tips for Safe, Gluten-Free Dining If in doubt, choose a restaurant that offers a separate gluten-free menu. It may be safer to eat a an upscale restaurant where the chefs are typically more knowledgeable about special dietary needs.Contact the chef or restaurant manager ahead of time to ensure that a gluten-free meal can be accommodated. […]