Gluten-Free Easter recipes and ideas

Easter is a great time to spend with family and friends whether cooking or just eating together. Here are some great websites that give ideas on what to serve on Easter Sunday as well as some great crafts to make with the kids. A Few Gluten-Free Easter Recipes Your Gluten-Free Easter Menu Gluten Free Paska! (Citrussy Ukrainian Easter Bread) Easter Cupcakes … Continue reading Gluten-Free Easter recipes and ideas

Safe GF Easter candy

Can’t believe Easter is right around the corner. My kids always look forward to Easter because we usually get together with family and do Easter egg hunts. I just started 2 years ago doing Easter baskets for them and I really do enjoy making them. When I was a kid I remember finding our chocolate Easter bunnies in the closet that my mom would hide from us. Here … Continue reading Safe GF Easter candy