Gluten-Free Easter recipes and ideas

Easter is a great time to spend with family and friends whether cooking or just eating together. Here are some great websites that give ideas on what to serve on Easter Sunday as well as some great crafts to make with the kids. A Few Gluten-Free Easter Recipes Your Gluten-Free Easter Menu Gluten Free Paska! (Citrussy Ukrainian Easter Bread) Easter Cupcakes … Continue reading Gluten-Free Easter recipes and ideas

Wellence Gluten free

Wellence™ Gluten Free is a plant-based food ingredient that mimics the water-absorbing and structural ability of gluten — allowing food manufacturers to create best-in-class gluten-free foods that satisfy the dietary needs of consumers without compromising on taste, look, or feel. They state the following: Advantages: Mimics gluten’s ability to build a structural network inside the product Ensures cakes and breads achieve desired shape and … Continue reading Wellence Gluten free

Common dietary misconceptions

Common misconceptions include: The need to avoid all liquors. People often seek potato vodka unaware that distilled liquor from any grain is safe. No gluten can be transferred in the distillation process. The need to avoid artificial colorings, food flavorings and modified food starch. This is false: they are all safe except malt flavor. Rice flour, cornmeal and oatmeal do not need to be labeled … Continue reading Common dietary misconceptions