Ronzoni just came out with a full line of gf pastas. Have you tried them yet? I am planning on trying them soon and will let you know what we think of them. The flour blend they use sounds good.. it’s a combination of rice, quinoa and corn. Click here if you want to find […]

I’ve spent so much money and time trying out different pastas and it’s really hard to find a brand that really tastes good and has a nice texture. In the beginning of our gluten free journey, I’ve tried many brown rice pastas and I was so turned off by it. They were gummy and had a bad […]

I take back what I said about Rienzi GFpasta

I cooked the Reinzi gluten-free brand rigatoni last night and had to through it out. I didn’t like the texture of it at all. I actually take back that I recommend Reinzi brand for pasta, I found that Sam Mills brand is much better. Sam Mills brand for penne and elbow turns out great every time. Check out […]

Gluten-free pasta brands that I use

I found it very hard in the beginning to find really good gluten free pastas. Here are the ones that I recommend. I like pastas made with corn or quinoa. Rienzi (yellow box) brand for penne is good My favorite brand for all types of pasta is Quinoa brand. I found a wonderful lasagne pasta that […]