Are you wondering if the Heinz Mustard or any other of their products are gluten-free since it’s not labeled on the product? Here is a list of their products that are gluten-free….

Who would have known that a well known TJ Maxx would sell gluten-free products. I walked around TJ Maxx-Home Goods store the other day and every time I visit this store I see so much that I want! They not only have a great selection of name brand clothes at discounted prices but they have […]

I just bought the Hood brand ice cream bars and wanted to make sure that they are gluten-free and from checking on their website, they indeed are.  If you’d like to check which of their ice creams are gluten-free then check out their list:  

Here is a gluten free product list of the foods that we have used before and like. I know there are plenty more brands and there will be more that I will add to this list as we try them out. The list below are the ones we use except the pop tarts and vans […]

I came across this article about gluten free in the news and thought you might want to check it out: It read as follows: As the year is rapidly approaching its end, I wanted to reflect on the great strides that were made in the gluten-free community and put together an article on what I […]