Gluten- free & Low-Calorie chocolate chip cookie recipe

How about a great tasting chocolate chip cookie that is low in calories and is gluten-free? I think that’s a winner in my book. Only 77 calories per cookie! You can snack on these cookies knowing that they are healthy and not so bad for you compared to a regular chocolate chip cookie. I found […]

Gluten-Free Pancake puffs

Here is a yummy gluten-free pancake puff recipe that will surely please your family. They are light tasting with a great texture. I used the Betty Crocker Gluten-free best ever corn dogs recipe as an inspiration for this and just changed one ingredient. My kids love them because they taste great and they are little […]

Gluten-Free banana cake

Here’s another great dessert using bananas.  It’s a sheet cake that tastes just like the “Entenmanns banana cake” . It’s moist with an amazing taste that makes you want to eat the whole thing! I made this with homemade cream cheese frosting which is nice and sweet with a little tang that compliments the cake […]

Gluten-Free pine bark recipe

  Pine Bark A wonderful addition to your holiday food table or any festive get together. This is easy and all the ingredients are most likely in your kitchen already. No need to go out purposely to shop for this recipe. There are so many great things you can add to this basic recipe.. go […]

Triple Chocolate Cupcakes recipe

  Who doesn’t like chocolate? Well, I guess some people don’t.. that’s their problem though. (ha,ha,ha) Here are some goooooood cupcakes that don’t call for much flour at all and they are made with Agave Nectar.       These are perfect for Halloween… make orange frosting to go on top and use chocolate covered […]

Grilled stuffed jalapenos

I planted jalapeños this year and not sure why since I usually have a lot of peppers that I don’t use and end up freezing. So I was looking for some jalapeno recipes and thought about making one that seemed easy enough but I didn’t have everything that it called for in the recipe so […]

Penne with ricotta

This is something I came up with today. I needed a dish that can keep on top of the stove for a while and a dish that I can make quickly before I headed to work. It has a really nice parmesan and garlic flavor but you can always adjust this recipe to your liking. […]

Gluten free yellow cake

Easter bunny cake We chose to make two Easter bunny cakes this year. One for our home and one for my daughter to take with her to a birthday party. I decorated the first one and she decorated the other. I used a recipe from the Cake mix doctor bakes gluten free cookbook by Anne Byrne. […]

Sauteed bananas over ice cream

Sautéed bananas are one of my favorites especially over premium vanilla ice cream. Kids will like this too (just omit the liqueur). Reminds me of Bananas foster from the fancy restaurants.  These are also good served over waffles and whipped cream. Yummy! Recipe: Serves 1 What you need: 1 ripe but not mushy banana 1 tablespoon of […]

Delicious GF chocolate chip cookies

We love chocolate chip cookies! I’ve tried many gf chocolate chip cookie recipes and they all turn out to be gritty. I used the sneaky chef recipe and changed it a little to create a gluten free chocolate chip recipe that will not taste gritty at all. In fact, no one will tell that they happen […]