I just read about this restaurant in the Hudson Valley Newsletter. The chef was just recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease so now he has made a point to offer gluten-free dishes and to completely eliminate wheat flour from the kitchen. . He has also pointed out that the fryer is completely gluten-free. If you are […]

Just found this restaurant on line where the owner/chef has Celiac Disease. Definitely going to have to try this restaurant out very soon. Menus The menu looks like 90% of the food is gluten-free which is so awesome! I will be adding more restaurants to this list very soon. Has anyone tried this restaurant?

There are many restaurants now that adverstise gluten free pizza or gluten free menus but you cannot assume that these places can provide you a safe gluten free meal. Unfortunately, we have to ask ourselves Are they really educated on celiac disease? or Do they really know where gluten can hide? and also Are they […]

It is so great to hear that Chuck E. Cheese will now be serving gluten-free pizza and cupcakes. And the most important and exciting about this news is that they understand about the importance of cross contamination. There are so many mom and pop businesses that don’t understand this part of it and continue to serve […]   Located on 97 Lake St. West Harrison, N.Y. 10604 On the website it states that the owner has Celiac Disease. They also cater to gluten-free parties at their restaurant.