I just came across a wonderful website that has creative ideas for snacks etc. Especially when you have to come up with a snack for school functions or just to make something extra special for your little ones at home. Of course any treat that you want to make from this website just simply substitute […]

I’m used to packing something for my daughter when we go to our school functions since her diagnosis because the bake sales or any of the fundraisers at the schools never had anything safe for her to eat. I contacted the PTA and asked if they can start including allergy friendly snacks to their bake sales […]

Subject: Sweet potatoes on the menu? Did you know that malnutrition causes one out of every three child deaths – more than 3.5 million deaths – every year? I just signed a petition asking world leaders to put nutrition on the agenda. It took 30 seconds. Will you add your name, too? Thanks for […]

Once your child is diagnosed with celiac, it is your right to get him/her a 504 plan at their school. My daughter’s nutritionist and pediatrician recommended me to do this. Because I have this, her school is required by law to provide her with a safe gluten-free meal for lunch. Her diagnosis is displayed in […]

When I first found out she had celiac, I thought about her not being able to have the option of buying lunch at school anymore.  So I did some research and found out I can get a 504 plan for her which meant I had to have a yearly meeting with special education.  From there, […]